Domination is usually about women dominating and humiliating men, but it can be the other way around, or involve the same sex dominating each other. Many men enjoy domination by women in a sexually charged context. But domination does not involve any sexual activity. For example, a dominatrix will wear sexy clothes, boots, PVC etc, but will not usually undress – neither will she ever have sex with her clients. The man, on the other hand, usually starts the domination session completely naked, as this puts him at a disadvantage and enhances the domination.

There are actually many forms of domination. Like most things in life, there is an infinite variety of ways to do it. So, a professional dominatrix will discuss with her client what he expects from the session. She will adapt the domination session to suit his requirements, without showing any weakness on her part. Although he may explain what is allowed and what is not at the beginning, once the session starts the dominatrix is in charge and must not be willing to change her plans if he expresses dislike or changes his mind.

Many men fantasise about domination, but are afraid to try it. Don’t be afraid, but do go to an experienced professional, as she will understand and adapt to your needs. She will take it easy until she knows your limits. Because she has to learn exactly what it is that each man likes, it can take several sessions with the same dominatrix to get the best results. Usually, she will agree a code word with you at the beginning of the session – a word that means, “Stop, you really are going too far”. Some men don’t like a code word, however, because it is the fear that turns them on. If they think they can put a stop to the action with a code word, it can ruin the pleasure they derive from their own helplessness.


Bondage is not necessarily part of domination, but it can be. A dominatrix can dominate her clients merely by her demeanour and by using words, but she can also do it by using restraints, such as leather straps, ropes and handcuffs, or use both techniques. A dominatrix will often put her clients on a rack to stretch them, on a cross, or suspend them by their wrists from the ceiling – or even upside down by their ankles. Bondage is about helplessness, and being at the mercy of another person.

S&M and Torture

Again, these subjects are not necessarily connected with domination, but they can be. A professional dominatrix can inflict pain and torture without leaving any marks on the body. Yet other clients actually expect their body to be marked! Whips, electric-shock torture devices plus cock & ball torture techniques are commonly used. Some clients enjoy experiencing pain, others do not, so this should be agreed in advance. Pain and torture are not usually carried out in a truly sadistic way. In fact, a true sadist would be a rather dangerous dominatrix – most dominatrix are good actresses rather than really sadistic. Usually, the dominatrix will give the client a way of reducing or controlling the pain – by complying with her demands: “lick my boots”, etc. Equally, he can refuse to carry out her demands if he wants her to continue hurting him some more. In this way, he is actually in control of how much pain he can take.

Domination and Escorts

Most escort agencies can provide escorts that have experience of domination – or a professional dominatrix. If you want a true domination session, it is best to ask the agency for a professional dominatrix – she will also have a fully equipped dungeon with all the props needed. However, many escorts can provide satisfaction using role-play techniques, especially if you want something other than straightforward domination – for example, if role-play games involving fear, bondage, and mild domination turn you on, rather than the somewhat clichéd “lick my boots” stereotype. On the other hand, if you want heavy domination with lots of pain, go to a professional as an amateur either may be unable to hurt you enough (because she is really too ‘nice’) or may actually damage you unintentionally. Just remember that all of these ‘games’ are psychological and therefore require an intelligent girl with experience and imagination.