Are you interested or curious about escort work and want to know more?

The market demand is predominantly for ladies to accompany men. There is a very small demand the other way around – from busy career women who want a date with no strings attached – but the market dynamics are heavily skewed in favour of female escorts for men.

The gay market is also there, and most escort agencies will also provide companions for gays and lesbians, plus escorts that are bi-sexual. However, for the rest of this article we are going to assume that we are talking about female escorts for men as that is the major market, but most of what we have to say can be applied to these other markets.

So, escort work is a work opportunity mainly for attractive young women who are happy to use their good looks and feminine charm to earn money. Female students and also young career women, both of whom may want to make extra money, can work part-time as escorts as the working hours of their two activities tend not to conflict with each other. Many actually enjoy the work, as it is a welcome change from the day job/studies. Others will turn it into a full-time job.

Usually, you will wait at home, or wherever else you want to be, until you get a call from the escort agency. You will then travel by taxi to meet clients at their home or hotel. With some agencies, you wait at the agency’s offices, where clients will actually visit, choose a girl, and take her away with them. Yet other agencies provide drivers to take you from job to job.

If you are new to escorting, you need not be nervous, because most clients will be more nervous than you are! You will spend anything from one hour to overnight with each client, and you may be asked to go on dinner dates, to formal dinners, or to other events with them. Occasionally, you will get a client who wishes to take you away for the weekend or on holiday with them!

Choosing an Agency

Escorts should search out an agency that is genuinely concerned for the welfare and safety of the escorts, and is not just being greedy about making money. When you go for an interview with an agency, remember that you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. Choose an agency that inspires your confidence and with whom you feel comfortable.

Call established agencies that are advertising for clients – not for girls. Be wary of agencies that specifically advertise for girls. They are usually either new start-ups with no girls, no experience in the marketplace and no established clientele, or have such poor working conditions that they have a huge turnover in girls. Reputable agencies with a good market presence have no need to place special adverts aimed at girls – because girls look at the Internet and magazine advertisements aimed at clients and call anyway. Established agencies do not advertise specifically for girls as they get several calls a day from girls looking for work anyway.

Ask about registration fees: if a girl is going to be good at escorting, there is no reason to charge her a registration fee, as both she and the agency will make money out of clients. No reputable agency will ask for a registration fee.

Ask where their clients are located: whatever they say about earnings, if clients are not in Central London, fees will be lower and you will spend a lot of time and money travelling to jobs. Ask about fees and agency commissions, as they vary greatly even within the London area.

Ask whether you will be expected to put your pictures on the Internet. Not all agencies will insist on doing this, but an increasing number will not take you on without Internet pictures. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to work with pictures, don’t be put off: there are still some agencies that will take you on without photos – ring around until you find one. If you are happy to work with photos on the Internet, you will usually have to pay for your own photo-shoot with an independent photographer. Agencies can often recommend good photographers, so ask before you spend money on pictures. If you are worried about friends and family recognising your pictures, you can be made unrecognisable by digital blurring or more artistically by obscuring the face by posing positions. However, most clients want to see the face, and we can recommend photographers that will make you look so much like a super-model that even your best friend won’t recognise you.

Mobile phones

It goes without saying that you will need a mobile phone: this is essential for contactability and safety reasons. You probably already have a mobile, but most escorts get another mobile specifically for escort work, as it enables them to separate business from pleasure! However, two phones can be unnecessarily inconvenient and may make your friends and family suspicious, so you should be aware that Orange offers two phone numbers on one phone with different ring tones (if you have a compatible phone) for each, so you know whether it is the agency or a friend calling you. This feature is available only from Orange and only on contract – not pay as you go (PAYG), but there are other reasons for being on contract: you will never run out of credit while on an escort job (agencies get fed up with girls who cannot call them when on a job), and you can’t get Call Waiting on PAYG. Call Waiting avoids missing that all-important call from the agency while gossiping to your mates.

Agencies vs. Independents

The reason you should think about working for an agency, rather than advertising yourself, is that you want to take advantage of the higher marketing budget that an agency has, and their regular clientele, who are always looking to try out new girls. Also, you may not want to take phone calls from customers at all times of day and night – you want the agency to deal with prospective clients (and time wasters!) on the phone, and then simply make appointments for you. This allows you to do escorting part-time, without it intruding too much into your private life and, perhaps affecting, your full-time job/studies.

Some agencies (usually the cheaper ones) will expect you to talk to the clients on the phone to help persuade them to do business with you, but others will not. Good agencies can also provide some security and a safety net, by independently checking up on clients and keeping track of where escorts are and with whom they are spending their time.


On the whole, escorting is a safe business so long as you are careful and stick to the rules. Always make sure someone else (usually the agency) knows where you are, and that you call that person at the beginning and end of a booking. Make sure the client hears you call that person, so he knows the score. For safety and security reasons, you will not be expected to meet clients on street corners, stations, or other public places, such bars or pubs. Don’t be swayed by the argument that agencies that provide you with drivers are safer. A driver sitting outside can do nothing if he doesn’t know what’s going on inside. Good agencies will check up on the client in a non-intrusive way, but they will also make sure he knows that they are checking on him. The best defence is good safety procedures, which will deter the client from doing anything untoward.