Questions & Answers

One-hour Bookings

Can I make a booking for just half an hour? No. One hour is the shortest booking we accept, and it is the best way to get to know your escort. Of course, you can then extend the time if you wish.

Money? You must pay your date the full fee for the booking at the commencement, or at the latest within 10 minutes of meeting. Trying to delay payment merely reduces the amount of quality time you spend with your escort because the time starts when you meet, not when you pay her. Even if you want to take her down to the hotel bar for a drink, you should pay her first in the privacy of your home or hotel room as this avoids the embarrassment of counting money, or doing a credit card transaction, in public.

Where to meet? Our escorts will not meet you in public places such as cafes, bars or outside tube stations. So you must be able to meet in your hotel room or your own home. Alternatively, you can meet at the escort’s apartment for an in-call appointment.

What to wear? If you have any special requests regarding what you would like your escort to wear, please make this clear at the time you make the booking and please appreciate that, with bookings made at short notice, there may not be time for her change.
Timing? Although all our escorts are part-time, please understand that she may have another booking or other appointment after yours. So please do not be late in meeting her as this may create tensions if she is late leaving you.

Additional Hours and Extending a Booking

Do I have to decide at the outset how many hours I want? No. Our escorts are so good that many clients want to extend their time with them. Additional hours are charged at a reduced price. But we do not offer this discount continually on an hour-by-hour basis so, after one hour to get to know your escort, we offer you the opportunity to extend at the reduced price. However, we do expect you decide at that point how many hours you want because if you keep extending one hour at a time, it makes it difficult for the escort to plan when she will leave. The reduced price for additional hours is offered because it is a quantity discount and makes our life easy in terms of planning. So, you can extend only once during any booking at the special reduced price.

Money? You must pay your date for additional hours at the commencement of the extension. In fact, it helps if you can decide and agree an extension well before your first hour is up.

Dinner Dates

What is a dinner date? We offer a special price for a dinner date, which provides 3 hours total time spent with your date. The intention is that you spend 2 hours eating followed by 1 hour of private time in your home or hotel, although this division of time, or order of activities, is not strictly enforced. So, you get the pleasure of getting to know your date in the convivial atmosphere of a restaurant.

Money? You must pay your date the full fee for the dinner date (3 hours) at the commencement. You should do this in the privacy of your home or hotel room as this saves the embarrassment of counting money (or doing a credit card transaction) in public.

Where to go? For security reasons our escorts will meet you only at your hotel or own home, so it makes sense to find somewhere to eat close by. You won’t usually have a chance to find out what your date likes to eat before you meet her, so try to pick a restaurant with a wide variety and choice, including vegetarian. Don’t choose anywhere too ethnic, such as Chinese or Indian, unless you are sure that she likes that kind of food. Alternatively, have a choice of restaurants in mind that you can quickly discuss with her when you meet and agree where to go.

What to wear? It goes without saying that you should wear clothes appropriate to the class of restaurant to which you are going, but you should also inform your date in advance (through London Escorts) if there is any dress code to which she must adhere. Of course, all our escorts will dress smartly for dinner but they don’t want to be either overdressed or underdressed for the occasion. Where possible, let London Escorts know at which restaurant you are planning to dine so that we can advise the escort on how to dress.

Conversation? Obviously, you can talk about anything with which you both feel comfortable, but try to stick with safe non-controversial subjects until you get a sense of each other’s interests. It is usually best to keep off the subject of escort work because it may be embarrassing (for both of you) to talk about this in a public place, such as a restaurant. Also, please understand that your date may not want to talk too much about her private life, although she’ll be happy to hear about yours!

Timing? To avoid your private time being rushed, make sure you allow enough time to complete the meal and return your home or hotel. Otherwise, be ready to pay an additional fee if you overrun the 3 hours total time allowed for the standard dinner date price.

Overnight Bookings

Does an overnight booking have to be at night? No. Any time of time of day, any booking that is for 6 hours or more is entitled to the overnight booking special price.

How many hours do I get with an overnight booking? This is not absolutely fixed as it may depend on whether the escort has to get to work or college the next morning. But, overnight bookings are guaranteed to be at least 8 hours and up to 10 hours. Even this is not rigidly enforced if the escort is happy to stay longer. However, 12 hours is the absolute maximum, after which you must pay extra.

Can I extend a shorter booking to overnight? Yes, of course you can. But, as explained above in connection with additional hours, we do not offer the option to extend more than once at the special discounted price. So, if you start extending on an hour-by-hour basis, you cannot convert this into an overnight booking: you must continue paying hour-by-hour. Otherwise you would get into the situation where, having paid hour-by-hour for five hours, you can extend to an overnight booking by paying merely for one more hour. This is clearly unfair on the escort who has no opportunity to plan how long she will be with you and is suddenly faced with the prospect of spending a further four hours for the price of one. She is likely to say that she is too tired to continue, as the proposition is not attractive to her at that point in time. We can make this clear by an analogy: Imagine someone offers you a bottle of wine for £10, but also offers you a special price on a case of 12 for the price of six. So, you buy one bottle of wine from him every day for £10. Then, when you buy the sixth bottle, you ask for the six ‘free’ bottles! Obviously, he will tell you where to go! However, it would not be unreasonable to ask to try just one bottle of the wine before being allowed to extend the deal to the special offer. It’s exactly the same with escorts: you can try an escort for one hour and then extend to overnight if you like her.

Longer and Overseas Bookings

What if I want an escort for 24 hours or several days? No problem, but price is subject to negotiation.

Can an escort accompany me overseas on holiday? Yes, subject to obtaining visas, where necessary.

Can an escort meet me at a location overseas? Yes, but you would be expected to pay for a minimum of 24 hours of the escort’s time, and possibly more depending on travel distance.

Money? As usual, money must be handed over at the commencement of longer bookings. Overseas bookings must be paid for in full in advance in cleared funds, and all travel expenses must be met by the client.